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Domicile Solutions is the culmination of many years of working in the field of construction and rehabbing real estate. The company was founded by Tani Sylvester and Reverend Dr. Elon Sylvester as a part of their pastoral ministry. The Sylvesters saw the need to create opportunities for individuals to learn skills and acquire expertise in the construction trades.Domicile Solutions Limited is the culmination of many years of working in the field of construction and rehabbing real estate in the United States. The company was founded by Tani Sylvester and Reverend Dr. Elon Sylvester as a part of their pastoral ministry. The Sylvesters’ adventure began when they visited The Gambia and they realized soon that The Gambia isn’t known as, “The Smiling Coast” for no reason. From the sheer beauty of the country, to the beautiful gestures of kindness given to them by the locals, they instantly felt that they were home even though they’ve never been there before. It is for this and many other reasons that they fell in love with The Gambia and they realized that everyone should have this blessed experience. That is what inspired them to want to encourage others to buy their dream home for an affordable price in order to live in peace and harmony there. That is our dream. And our hope is that those that feel ragged from the way the world has treated them, can now come to rest and be at home in this beautiful place that God has created.

They are fulfilling this mission of assisting otherwise marginalized or formerly incarcerated persons to enter the construction field or to be reintroduced into the workforce. By partnering with like-minded business entities to in-field training in various professional trades and coupling this assistance with the discipline of spirituality and prayer, enables individuals to experience the transformative power of God to redefine their lives and pursue more rewarding and fulfilling futures. We make a difference to the glory of God!



Our mission is to acquire properties, return them to pristine condition, and put them back into productive use by making them available to deserving families and individuals.Our mission is to build properties in The Gambia so that your dream home can become a reality and so that we can help locals live better lives.


We endeavor to reach men and women in our communities with a message of hope, and a way to realize more fulfilling life objectives. Whether their condition is the result of the disadvantages of poverty, or the unfortunate circumstance of engagement with the criminal justice system, our model of self-restoration through spirituality, education, and training is geared to inculcate the discipline. pride and reward of work.We’ve all had dreams growing up and many of us have had to let them go to move on with how life has taken us along. If you can just pause for a second, close your eyes and imagine your dream home in Africa, what do you see? Do you imagine having a 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms? Do you see a big backyard for the kids to play in? Maybe you see a wonderful patio that you can sit back and relax in during the day. Step back into your dreams of owning a home and contact us to see how you can own a home in The Gambia.


Domicile Solutions Services aims to be the company that will make a difference in our industry of choice which is the real estate and construction. Our name says it all. Our service is solutions in one stop. This is what our motto stands for. We renovate homes and make them available to low-income buyers: We restore the lives of deserving people, and we rebuild communities by improving the housing stock from the malady of foreclosures and urban decay. We intend to expand this operational model to renew our communities in every possible way to the glory of God!The Gambia is a beautiful place with so much potential, but unfortunately, many of the locals are in an impoverished state. Many children in some areas have to walk to get water and the trip takes so long that they can’t go to school. That’s why we want to focus on providing affordable housing to the locals and create boar holes to make wells so that kids can go to school instead of having to worry about their families. As we reach out to the community, we’re sure to make a difference and an impact where we are.

The Gambia, which is well known as, “The Smiling Coast,” is a place filled with positive people, beautiful culture, and priceless scenery. Our goal is to create a window of opportunity for those that want to move and live in this incredible place. Whether you want a vacation home, or you just want to move back to your ancestor’s homeland, it doesn’t matter. You are accepted as you are and you can experience it for yourself by feeling firsthand that, “Home is Where Your Heart Is.”


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